The NetZeroToolkit

SMEs make up a more than 90% of the UK business population and so their contribution is vital when it comes to reaching global carbon emissions targets. Time and resource constraints can make tackling impact difficult, it is a testament to them that over 300 are currently actively working on their carbon reduction strategies thanks to The NetZeroToolkit, a number that grows daily.  

Within each of the eight steps businesses are invited to address different elements of their operations. From understanding and mitigating the impact of extreme weather occurrences to recognising and working on creative ways to reduce scope three emissions. Each step provides question prompts, a bank of resources and the opportunity to align actions with target dates.  

Signing up to The NetZeroToolkit allows users become part of an ever-growing community of business-owners who have a keen eye on our future. This brings opportunities to network, innovate and learn from each other ultimately tacking climate-action effectively, together and with confidence.  

About Edinburgh Science


Edinburgh Science was founded in 1989 and is most well-known for delivering Edinburgh’s annual Science Festival – the first Festival of its kind and still replicated the world over. We also deliver a year-long programme of school and community-based events which inspire, encourage and challenge people of all ages and backgrounds to explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  

In 2019 we awarded diplomat Christiana Figueres, instrumental in brokering the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, the prestigious Edinburgh Medal Award. This kick-started an ever-increasing portfolio of Climate work. Our Climate Opportunity Ideas Factory meetings bring Scientists, policy-makers, business leaders and decisions-makers together to come up with solutions to our Climate Emergency.  

The NetZeroToolkit has been developed through this initiative and we are able to deliver it due to the kind support of Baillie Gifford, CityFibre, Dickson Minto, Galbraith, M&G, NatureScot Parabola, Pawprint, Ramboll, Target Fund Managers and US Embassy London. It is based on the pledge created by Protect Our Winters UK. 

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