How do I know when to review my toolkit, and what is involved?

When you submit the toolkit, you will be asked to set a date to review your NetZeroToolkit answers. 

If you can work on the actions you set yourself in your toolkit straight away, then you might choose to review your toolkit 6 months to one year from now to examine your progress towards these goals. 

Things to consider when planning your review date: 

  • The size of your organisation  
  • Whether you are ready to begin implementing changes now 
  • Whether you need to gather more information from your company before filling out some of the steps. In this case, it’s a good idea to set yourself a review date in the near future to remind yourself to complete the toolkit answers. Then, you can re-submit your toolkit and set a further review date to revisit the actions you have now set. 

Remember, you can return to the toolkit as often as you like, and re-submit it once you are more satisfied with your answers.