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The NetZeroToolkit contains eight essential steps for reducing your organisation’s emissions – both direct and indirect. You can go through these in any order. 

Each step will provide you with prompts and instructions, enabling you to understand where your business is now, identify where changes need to be made, and then take action.  

Each step contains guidance notes which: 

  • Explain how to complete the step, and  
  • Provide a curated directory of tools and resources which you can choose to help you with this step. 

Most of these tools are free; some are commercial offerings from our partners.  

Once you submit your toolkit, you will receive a breakdown of your answers. This is the basis for your Net Zero strategy.  You will also be able to download a complete set of Guidance Notes for future reference and a Communications Pack that you can use to tell customers and partners about your new Carbon Reduction Strategy. 

You can fill out and submit the toolkit as many times as you like. You may choose to re-submit your toolkit when you have more information or have completed a step. 

Best of luck!

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